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Climate Change Cell

Realizing the fact that climate change is affecting the state the Government of Jharkhand assigns high priority to the issues of Climate Change and is developing clear cut action strategies to deal with impacts of Climate Change and building inter-sectoral coordination and integration of climate change policy and programs of line departments. The Government of Jharkhand has designated the Department of Forests, Environment and Climate Change to work on Climate Change issues. The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) under its partnership with Jharkhand Government has formed a State Climate Change Cell for providing advisory services to the state government on climate change issues in Jharkhand.The major functions of Jharkhand State Climate Change Cell are as follows:

  1. Knowledge Products on climate change developed for use by multiple stakeholders including simplified issue briefs listing of mitigation and adaptation options.
  2. The climate change cell will provide enhanced outreach on Climate Change issues and will develop network with organizations working on issues related to climate change in the region.
  3. The cell will support capacity development of Government officers for mainstreaming Climate Change Concerns